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**** Minutes ****

The minutes presented here are grouped as a single document by year.
They are in date order for that year.
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The following file contains a special grouping of all minutes from January 2000 through 2016.
This file is approximately 50MB in size and may take some time to download.

Special file of
2000 thru 2016 minutes

**** Ordinances ****

The Code of Ordinances can be found at Municode by clicking on this link.

The ordinances posted here are provided as a service by the
City of Lebanon for the citizens of Lebanon as reference.

The official copies of all city ordinances are maintained at Lebanon City Hall
and are available for viewing upon request at that location.

** Ordinances by Title **

Index of Ordinances
as of 4/14/2014

Index of Ordinances - Reverse Order

Zoning Ordinance (1151)
25 July 2005


(editor's note - 10/15/2013) - Ordinances will be added to this site as they are scanned and available.